Migraine, Other Headache, Muscle Spasm

Aimovig is a new migraine preventative medication, a once a month subcutaneous injection, approved by the FDA on May 17, 2018.  Availability to patients is still pending but this should be only a matter of weeks.  However, there may be insurance issues in obtaining this medication.  Click here for summary by Dr. Rossen concerning this new medication.



Migraine is a category of headache… Which headaches are migraines can be confusing: a headache that doesn’t fit migraine “definition” nevertheless may respond to “migraine medication.”

Migraine is a category of headache syndrome that, according to strict definition in neurology, includes 2 of 3 of: Rhythmic headache pain (e.g., pounding, pulsating); nausea; and light or sound sensitivity.

Headache, more generally, is harder to define, but. unfortunately , very easy to  identify when it emerges. Dr. Rossen approaches diagnosis of the cause of headaches by first focusing on the patient’s history. If there are worrisome elements of the history, or if neurological exam is abnormal, Dr. Rossen suggests diagnostic investigation to rule out worrisome causes.  Otherwise,  plausible diagnoses and potential directions of treatment are put on the table.  Often, more than one direction of treatment are of potential benefit.  Dr. Rossen has experience in guiding physical therapy, medication, trigger point injections and botox injections to provide lasting relief of headaches.  The characteristics of the symptoms and the philosophy of the patient about these potential treatments guide the patient and Dr. Rossen toward optimal treatment strategies.


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