I am a neurologist centered in the northern pioneer valley of Massachussetts. I see and treat all neurological diseases and have a special neurological interest in Alzheimer’s disease, headaches and diseases of the nerve or muscle. I have a  wonderful staff, who help me to provide patients with high quality, compassionate  care that we mold to be timely and effective. We try and spend a great deal of time  making sure patients understand their problems, and the various treatment options  available to them.

I received my MD, my residency training in Neurology and my  fellowship training in Neurophysiology at the University of Rochester Medical Center in  upstate New York. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, a Sc. M. In Geophysics, and a PhD in Experimental  Psychology, all from Brown University.

I am board-certified by the American Academy of Neurology in:
Clinical Neurophysiology — with training in EMG & NCS procedures (electromyography and nerve conduction studies); and EEG procedures (electroencephalography).

I live with my wife Kate and our golden retriever in Amherst, MA, where we raised  our two daughters. I spend my free time biking, kayaking, cross-country and downhill skiing, writing and visiting my daughters who have moved out but continue to live  close by.  New England is a great place to live and practice, and my family and I  especially love Western Massachusetts.

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